DBOX: how drones help security companies overwatch large areas using DiaB technology in Lithuania

DBOX is a subsidiary of DRONETEAM, a leading drone company in Lithuania. DRONETEAM specializes in offering a range of drone-based solutions, including photogrammetry, drone light shows, and drone autonomy technology solutions provided by its subsidiary - DBOX, which specializes in providing innovative solutions for data collection, monitoring and surveillance using Drone-in-a-Box technology. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, DBOX has established itself as a trusted provider of drone-based monitoring systems for both governmental and private sector. Whether it's protecting critical infrastructure, ensuring public safety, or enhancing overall security, DBOX is dedicated to delivering the most advanced and reliable drone solutions on the market.

Why do security companies need drones?

Drones are now widely used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, delivery, surveying, construction, real estate, and of course, security. Security companies use drones to enhance their surveillance capabilities, increase situational awareness, and improve response times to potential threats. Drones can quickly and easily cover large areas and provide high-resolution images and video footage, allowing security personnel to monitor and assess a situation in real-time. They can also be equipped with sensors and thermal cameras to detect and identify potential security risks, making them an essential tool for safeguarding critical infrastructure and ensuring public safety. Furthermore, drones can be used to perform reconnaissance missions in hazardous or difficult-to-reach areas, reducing the risk to human personnel. In summary, drones provide security companies with a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective means of monitoring and protecting their environments.

However, there are several potential disadvantages to using drones in security, including:

Technical limitations: Drones are still relatively new technology and may be subject to technical limitations such as weather, location and terrain.

Cost: Drones can be expensive to purchase, but main cost is human resources. To operate drone it is required to have team of pilots traveling around areas of interest and collecting data by manually flying.

To eliminate limitations partially or completely, drone flights must become more autonomous. That is where Drone-in-a-Box solution – DBOX comes into play.

DBOX in action

EUROCASH1 - one of the largest security companies in Lithuania and Baltic states which is known for adapting new and innovative solutions for security field decided to install DBOX at site, where new factory is undergoing construction. Total area size is around 80 hectares, so in order to maintain 24/7 patrol around perimeter and inside requires a lot of security personnel, cars, cameras and other equipment. Drone-in-a-Box solution is perfect for such operations, so DBOX was chosen as a part of security system for this particular area.

Solution was installed on the roof of the gate checkpoint. Only regular 220V power outlet is required, as good internet connection is guaranteed by the 5G network, which is available with DBOX.

DBOX have unique features compared to other similar products. Because of DBOX ability to swap batteries in less than 1 minute and charging 6 batteries simultaneously guarantees staying in the air almost indefinitely. Such feature is a game changer for patrol operations as constant and reliable flights guarantees maximum data collection.

Furthermore, the use of DBOX in place of traditional methods reduce the time and resources required for daily security tasks leading to cost savings and increased accuracy of data.

The chosen version of DBOX was equipped with DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone. Aside add-ons and other great features this drone have, its main advantage is thermal camera which is very useful in patrolling. These cameras can detect heat signatures, which makes them extremely useful in identifying and tracking people or animals that are hiding or moving around in the dark. With the help of a drone, the camera can cover large areas in a short amount of time, making it an efficient tool for surveillance.

Another great feature on DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced is the flashlight add-on. The flashlight feature can provide illumination for both the drone's camera and the area being patrolled, enhancing visibility. Also, it works as prevention tool, making illegal entrance to area less likely due to illumination of perimeter.

DBOX operators are working from office in Vilnius, kilometers away from site. The remote operators are always in contact with local first response security teams working on the site, so they can fulfill their requests of checking any security concerns. Operator can send exact coordinates of the threat straight to local security personnel’s mobile devices, thus making reaction fast and precise.

Looking to the future...

The future of drone in a box solution for security companies looks promising, with the potential to transform the way security operations are conducted. As the technology continues to improve, drone in a box solution is becoming more advanced, offering increased automation, longer flight times, and improved safety features. These systems are increasingly being integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling them to perform increasingly complex tasks, such as identifying and tracking targets or detecting anomalies in security footage. Furthermore, as the use of drones in security operations becomes more widespread, the cost of drone in a box solution is likely to decrease, making them more accessible to smaller security companies. With the ability to operate autonomously and remotely, drone in a box solution can provide increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety in security operations. Overall, the future of drone in a box solution for security companies is one of increasing integration and adoption, offering significant potential for improving security outcomes while reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

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