New version of the DBOX

We are thrilled to announce the latest version of DBOX, packed with new features, improvements and bug fixes to enhance operations experience. Our development team has been hard at work to bring you the best possible product, and we are confident that you will enjoy what's new.

Here are the highlights of the latest version:

  1. Enhanced User Interface: A more user friendly look with additional features, modern look that is easy on the eyes and bug fixes.
  2. Improved Performance: Faster load times and smoother operation, ensuring a seamless experience.
  3. New Features: Exciting new capabilities that will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively.
    • 5G network support for faster and more stable connectivity.
    • Now DBOX has 7 swappable batteries, meaning 6 batteries are always parallel charging. Also, additional battery provide back-up in case of battery failure.
    • Faster data download from drone using wired connection
    • Additional thermal isolation for harsh conditions. Now, during cold season, temperature inside DBOX is higher, during warm season - lower.
  4. Bug Fixes: We have addressed several known issues to improve the stability of the product.

With this release, we are confident that our DBOX solution will continue to provide the most advanced aerial monitoring and surveillance capabilities available. Our development team is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for our pilots and customers, so we look forward to your feedback on this latest version.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about the next generation Drone-in-a-Box solution - DBOX!



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